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Come to MOVE Studios and experience the Art of Movement Improvement.  We don't just teach Pilates: we teach our clients how to move from the studio to into daily life, hard-core athletics, or basic fitness activities with ease and grace in every step, swing, jump, throw, pedal, and hiking step.  Your journey to a connected and integrated body begins when you step through our doors.

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Thursdays @ 10am

Intro Special: 10 class pkg $150

Foundational MOVES: Functional Movement for Pilates and Beyond

Whether you are new to Pilates, or a regular attendee struggling to master some basics, this Reformer class is for you.  Specifically geared to teaching movement principles and applying that to Reformer repertoire, this class is a chance to stay focused on correct breathing and pelvic floor activation, neutral spine, correct spinal flexion and extension, spinal elongation and other foundational movements that tend to undermine our progress in Pilates classes and in our long-term movement improvement goals.

Tues/Fri 10am, Weds 9am

Intro Special: 5wk/10 class pkg $150

First MOVES: Beginner Reformer

Join in at any time! A new class intended for anyone interested in Pilates who is just starting out.  There is no prerequisite: you can be a complete beginner.  We're here to teach you all the basics and ensure that you will safely progress through the Pilates repertoire with a solid foundation.

Tues/Fri 9am

Intro Special: 5wk/10 class pkg $150

Upward MOVES: Intermediate Reformer

This class is aimed at students who have mastered the basics and are ready for a challenge, adding new Pilates repertoire with more complex movement requiring increased balance, coordination and strength.  Ready to move up in your practice? Join Upward MOVES!

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You and a Buddy start Reformer Classes together!

3 privates and 5 classes at a savings of $91!

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