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Workshops listed below are scheduled periodically during the year. If there is not a date listed for the workshop you are interested in, please call us at 303-999-0405 or send an email.​
Functional Pfilates: Pelvic Floor Plyometrics Training

$160 Pfilates Regular 7-week session | $170 Pfilates PLUS (includes Gertie ball) | $125 Pfilates Repeat Participant


Help with incontinence, chronic back pain or hip pain

Do you have chronic back pain that remains unresolved even after traditional core strengthening? You are likely suffering from a weak pelvic floor. “Pelvic Floor Dysfunction is a FITNESS issue!!” is the mantra of Dr. Bruce Crawford, a urogynecologist who created Pfilates training after extensive research into the most effective exercises for activating and strengthening the pelvic floor. In this 7-week session, participants will follow a 3-Phase program focused on bringing their pelvic floor muscles back “online,” with the goal of increasing pelvic floor strength and function to support a strong core and improved continence.

  • Chronic Back Pain: Do you have unresolved back pain despite many therapeutic efforts?

  • Women: Do you suffer from post-natal or other incontinence issues?

  • Men: Have you had bladder problems or back pain following prostate issues or surgery?


Note: The first class is 2 hours, and subsequent 7 classes will be 60 minutes each.

To find our Current/Upcoming Schedule click on SCHEDULE and choose WORKSHOPS, or click registration button below.  PLEASE NOTE: There are two listings for each start date, because there is a day session and a night session. Please select the time that is right for you when registering.

Need more info on this workshop or upcoming dates? Send us an email or call today!



If you're a Pilates enthusiast, athlete, dancer, or human being interested in better understanding and more efficiently using your body, this workshop is for you!  You will be introduced to the 6 basic developmental body patterns and experience how moving through them changes the way your body organizes.  


This is an 18-hour course, broken into 4 sessions over 2 months.  


For more information, see our full listing for the class.  It is open to anyone - a student of movement through professional training status - interested in improving their movement potential. For a full description, please go HERE.



Body, Effort, Shape and Space are the 4 Pillars of Laban Movement Analysis, a method and language for describing, interpreting and documenting human movement in all of its forms. If you are a serious Pilates student, yoga practitioner, athlete, dancer, or just a human seriously interested in better understanding your body and how it works, this experience may prove life-changing.  You will be engaging in movement but also learning how your communication style and effectiveness is completely connected to your movement choices, and that you have options to change/adjust/improve all of these things by understanding the basics: movement.  


It is an 18-hour course, broken up into 4 parts over 2 months.  It is an entry-level class and open to anyone at any level that is interested in studying this fascinating movement work.  


For more info, see our full course description HERE.



Ever wonder what exercises are doing for you? What muscles they are training? How they work together to stabilize your joints? 


This course, which is a prerequisite for any Balanced Body training program, is geared toward understanding basic anatomy and functional movements.  It is organized to look at 5 basic areas of the body, considering their anatomy and biomechanics, and what functional exercises will improve the stability and mobiliy of each area.

This workshop is open to anyone interested in gaining a better understanding of their body and basic movement, or who has previously studied human exercise and anatomy but wants a fun and informative refresher course.

For more details, see our full listing HERE.

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