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What is CoreAlign?

CoreAlign brings together core organization, body patterning, and functional movement like nothing else in the rehab or fitness worlds...


Developed by physical therapist Jonathan Hoffman, the CoreAlign allows the user to practice the constant balance of stability and mobility through the body in a dynamic environment.  From a patterning and movement therapy perspective, the equipment requires integration of all 6 developmental patterns, improving total body connectivity with every exercise.  


Once you are upright and organized, CoreAlign allows you to reinforce that new coordination - especially facilitating upright gait training like nothing else out there.  It is also more than a physical challenge:  it’s a neurological workout as the brain and body assimilate a plethora of input.  

Why do CoreAlign?

The results?  A strong, flexible organized body that's ready for ANYTHING!


If you're looking for a next level of challenge from your regular Pilates or other fitness classes, sign up today for an intro session for only $50! (new clients only).  Use the Schedule tab, select a private with Megan or Lindsey, and use promo code CANew at checkout.

Interested in CoreAlign Classes?  Email us for details on getting started!

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