MOVE’s Professional Network and Referrals

At MOVE Studios we pride ourselves on our integrity, and our ability to provide top-quality movement services to our clients.  That’s why we are also proud to work with some of Denver’s best medical and therapeutic professionals.  If you are looking for assistance with body, mind and other life challenges we can confidently recommend the individuals below.  If you are looking for help finding a bed, please see our "Bed Shopping" section at the bottom of this list.

 Osteopathic Services 


Dana Anglund, DO

Practices Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, Acupuncture, and other hands-on techniques.

He’s located at Osteopathic Integrative Medicine in Lakewood.

Holly Cauthron, DO

Practices Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine and was drawn to this work as a way of healing chronic illness through a holistic approach. She is located at Colorado Osteopathic & Integrative Medicine on W 38th Ave. in the Highlands.

Regenerative Medicine 

Timothy Mazzola, MD

Dr. Mazzola is a gifted and caring physician who is deeply immersed in, and part of,  the latest research in regenerative medicine.  All of Dr. Mazzola's injections are ultrasound-guided, and he performs all current and effective regenerative treatments including prolotherapy, PRP, shockwave therapy, and hydro dissection.  MOVE trusts the integrity of the work that Dr. Mazzola does and we are very proud to work with him and the staff at Breakthrough Orthopedics.


 Physical Therapy Services (more under Pelvic Floor PT below)


There are many physical therapists in Denver, but we are very proud to work with not just good, but EXCEPTIONAL clinicians.  


Daneen Shelton, PT 

At OnPoint Family Care. Has over 30 years of using her magic hands to help countless individuals recover.  Her extensive post-graduate training includes the highly-effective Institute of Physical Arts manual therapy certification. (OnPoint takes most insurance.)

303-357-2551, 8200 E Bellview Ave, Ste 202, Greenwood Village


Lise Stolze, MPT, DSc, PMA®-CPT  

Lise is both a PT, a Polestar Pilates educator, and has a specialty practice as a Schroth Method practitioner in addition to her traditional PT practice, which incorporates Pilates. (Cash-based practice.)


Donna Osbaugh, DPT

A gifted therapist with the unofficial title of “The Dancer’s PT” in Denver. 

Located in Cherry Creek. Tel. 720-291-1028

Peter Szymanski, PT

Specializes in PT, sports performance with an emphasis on golf and running.

He is the co-developer of Running Well SeminarsⓇ.


Karen Voss, MS, OTR

Specializes in occupational and hand therapy.

Kim Bozich, PT

A “southern partner” with MOVE, located near County Line and S Broadway. In addition to her great manual therapy skills, Kim is a Polestar trained Pilates Instructor and a great collaborator. Takes most insurance.

Functional Physical Therapy, LLC

This clinic contains all IPA trained PTs. Tel. (303) 941-0664. We have a direct connection with Amy and Carla, but all of their PTs are highly qualified in the IPA training. 


Coming off a surgery? The team at PhysioPro is top-notch at following post-surgical protocols and integrating both manual therapy and functional conditioning/re-education on each visit. Takes all insurance, including Medicaid.

Charles P. Kinney, DPT

Specializes in sports injuries, low back pain, and chronic conditions. He keeps the environment light and fun, yet is knowledgeable and professional.

 Physical Therapy – Pelvic Floor 


Physical Therapy Specialists 

Dawn Sandalcini, PT, RCMT, BCB-PMD has been specializing in pelvic muscle dysfunction since 1992 and has pursued education opportunities with leaders in the field.  She and her staff, including MOVE colleagues Kristin Anderson, DPT, OCS, CLT and Mara Towne, DPT are excellent collaborators with MOVE as we guide patients from medical treatment to successful movement maintenance.


Michele Wesley, DPT

Has collaborated with MOVE over the years and is always looking for innovative ways to improve patient outcomes in this challenging field.  She is located in the Lone Tree/Parker office. Takes most insurance.



 Bodywork Practitioners 


The best way to be successful in changing your movement patterns is to get the hands-on intervention you need, when you need it.  Choosing a bodyworker depends on an individual’s experience but here are a few we have paired with successfully through our clients.


Elizabeth Browning

Practices a unique blend of cranial sacral , yoga and massage therapy, including Ayurveda and visceral manipulations. She practices at Mexico and Jackson.

Cynthia Cable, NCMT

Cindy is a massage therapist and energy healer.  She works independently in Lakewood, or through Physical Therapy Specialists in Centennial. 


Jessica Caine, 

Jessica is a massage therapist with specialties in foot and jaw massage as well as full body massage.  She is located in the Cherry Creek area.  


Gigi Willett, DMIc, AATc, LMT

A practitioner and instructor in the Lowen Technique in addition to other manual therapy techniques.  She addresses issues with soft and connective tissue, fascial restrictions, and does particularly great work calming the central and autonomic nervous systems.  Gigi’s work is a great compliment to the movement re-patterning we pursue from the outside at MOVE because it’s like re-patterning “from the inside out.”

Gail Wetzler, PT, DPT, EDO, BI-D

Gail is the lead educator for the Bareille Institute and we are lucky to have her here in Denver.  This specialty is why I list her under BODYWORK and not PT: This work addresses soft tissue, connective tissue, and fascial restrictions in a way that is, I feel, more holistic and full-body focused than traditional PT although she has that "lens" when she is evaluating and treating as well.




At MOVE, we recognize that it’s impossible to separate the physical from the psychological.  Whether your mental health is maintained by a hike in the mountains or by a conversation with a professional, we want to support you.  If you need help in this area, here are a couple of options we know and trust.


Melissa Barbash, MA, LAC, LPC

A licensed professional counselor in the Congress Park area and specializes in treating adults struggling with interpersonal skills, anger issues, addictions and aggressive tendencies.


Melissa Henston, PsyD

A psychologist and an educator in the DU Graduate School of Professional Psychology.  Dr. Henston has expertise in guiding life transitions (work life to retirement, parenthood to empty nest, job/career transitions, etc), performs psychological testing for issues related to head injuries and aging; and if you’ve tried therapy before unsuccessfully she offers a new approach. She’s located near I-25 and Colorado.


Emily Roby, PsyD

A psychologist located in downtown Denver and has a specialty in sleep disorders, vicarious trauma, occupational distress, depression and anxiety.


 Need a sliding scale option?   Contact DU’s Professional Psychology Clinic ( or MDS Counseling (



Hani Saeed, DPM

If you have a lower leg, foot, or ankle problem, this is the man to see. Dr. Saeed  specializes in shock wave therapy which many patients describe as magical. Located in Littleton.

Bed Shopping Options

This website hosts reviews of all things bed-related, from beds themselves to pillows, bedding, and mattress toppers.

Denver Mattress @ 58th St. and I-25

If you want to take your time and get in and out of multiple sleeping options, this location is the place to go.  The staff is always friendly, can answer all your questions, and are happy to leave you alone to "sleep around". Please note: Denver Mattress and Mattress Firm do not necessary carry identical mattresses. If you are comparison shopping, be sure you get the exact name and specifications on the mattress you are considering so you end up with the right one in the end.

Mattress Firm in Belmar (next to Michaels at SW corner of Wadsworth and Alameda)

This is a 9,000sf space jam packed with every mattress you can imagine.  Like Denver Mattress, this is their big location and their manager Doug and assistant Sam are great to work with, also welcoming you to take your time and try everything until you find what you need. Please note: Denver Mattress and Mattress Firm do not necessary carry identical mattresses. If you are comparison shopping, be sure you get the exact name and specifications on the mattress you are considering so you end up with the right one in the end.