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Staying in shape when you are pregnant can be very challenging (more on this on our blog HERE). If you are plagued with morning sickness, just getting through the day can feel like climbing a mountain. But your fitness level can be the key to a safer, easier delivery, not to mention a faster post-partum recovery. Check out all the videos below, and you can reach Ashley with questions at


And remember, if you love the work-outs you can still do them after delivery. Better yet, join Ashley, Larissa or Lindsey post-partum, from the convenience of you home, for live, real-time classes through MOVE Studios so you can take care of your new baby AND yourself. You can see our full schedule HERE. You can also join our 8-week Functional Pfilates Pelvic Floor Conditioning class 3 times a year (Next one starts Sept. 15, 2020) before or after birth to keep your pelvic floor in the best shape for long-term health. You can find that schedule under WORKSHOPS

Enjoy these great videos and enjoy your pregnancy! 

Workout with Blocks Tutorial

Workout with Physioball

Workout with Blocks Full Speed

Finding and Maintaining Lumbar Stability in Pregnancy

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