Pilates Class Testimonials

I had heard so much about Pilates that when it was being offered in my office building, I jumped at the chance to take a lunchtime class. That was a year and a half ago. My work has since moved, but I gladly make the hour round trip drive so I can be a part of Lindsey's class. 


I have met a great group of people. We all vary in age and ability and with the help of Lindsey's expertise, we constantly encourage one another to better our best. I never cease to be amazed by the benefits... when I started the class, I had no balance and certainly no core strength and I was suffering from chronic back pain. 


Now, I can spend all weekend doing yard work (not that I want to) without being a cripple on Monday. I have gone on golf vacations and not been so sore that I couldn't play two, three, four days in a row. And I no longer sit at my desk with an ice pack on my back. Need I go on...

Linda S.

I never want to miss a Pilates class with Lindsey as I can feel how the experience I am having is benefiting every activity in my life. It's addicting. I want to keep progressing, improving and feeling better.

Lynn C.

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PFilates (Pelvic Floor) Testimonials

Excellent class.  I will likely take the same class again in the future.  I liked switching the order of the exercises.  Thank you, Lindsey!!

Chuck D.

After years of persistent lower back pain, 8 weeks of Pfilates and I am pain free for the first time in years!

Scott F.

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Movement Therapy Testimonials

Time with Lindsey has been invaluable in teaching me how to move in a way that maintains my body's health. She has a gift in understanding how the body works and in teaching her students how to move. In a few short sessions she taught me how to cure my own neck, back and shoulder pain. I wish I wish that I had known her in my ballet days!

Emily H.

Lindsey really knows her stuff. She is very focused and hands on. Her sense of humor and music make the sessions fun. I feel better than I have in years.

Ted E.

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Theater Testimonials

It has been my pleasure to work with Lindsey as a dance instructor, choreographer and acting coach and she always brings wonderful insight which I believe has helped the productions we have worked on together. It is in no small part to Lindsey's tutelage that I have grown as a performer. 


When working on a production, Lindsey is always prepared and ready to work through the creative process. I feel that she understands the kinesthetic process of learning and brings the structure needed to bring out many nuances in the performances of the actors and students with whom she works. Lindsey demands excellence in her work and will always do whatever it takes to achieve that, and she challenges her students and casts to reach for the same level of excellence in their own work, which I find rewarding.

Tyler C.

I have worked with Lindsey Hanahan to prepare for several auditions and callbacks. She is a caring and sensitive acting coach with a keen understanding of text. Most significantly, Lindsey approaches coaching from a movement-based perspective. Her unique approach has allowed me find new ways to connect to familiar material, while providing specific techniques that have helped me to prepare mentally and physically for a variety of auditions. Lindsey has a great ability to pinpoint trouble spots, and offer innovative solutions in a wonderfully positive and encouraging way.

Michelle M., Actor/Singer

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