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How to Garden Safely with Gardening Tips from MOVE Studios

Every year, like clockwork, winter turns to spring and our clients quickly run out into the garden to get started...only to end up in the studio in pain the next day. Why? Because gardening, like any "athletic" pursuit, requires very specific body movements that are not generally performed in the "off season." Winter rolls in and many gardeners hunker down with indoor pursuits until Mother Nature beckons them with warm weather and sunshine. They have not been crawling on their hands and knees, bending over and straightening up to weed and plant, or carrying large bags of potting soil or mulch. That first day in the garden is frequently a major shock to a body that was hibernating and unprepared for the demands of the outdoors and the normally wild enthusiasm with which the body's owner takes to their annual task!

If this sounds familiar, watch our short video below for a few tips on protecting yourself from the normal aches and pains - especially back pains - that are frequently reported after that first big gardening weekend. Remember that the activity of gardening is just that - a physical activity, that requires a little warming up. Don't go out first thing in the morning, just rolled out of bed and not ready to move. That's just asking for trouble! Think of a cat, who always awakes from a nap by reaching, stretching and moving. Always be sure to bend, and stretch, and rotate, and reach a little before you head out to commune with nature in your flower and veggie patches. Then, be sure to use the proper mechanics discussed in the video to keep the big work in the big leg muscles, and the support in your center. If you need help with any of that, you can reach out to MOVE Studios for online or in person movement instruction to help you survive and thrive in your gardening happy place!

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