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Gentle Yoga Video

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Watch our Gentle Yoga Video below and practice at home:

This Gentle Yoga video features the Somatic Unwinding Series from Larissa's class and is perfect for beginners, seniors or anyone who wants a gentle yoga break. This little 20 minute video practicing Hatha Yoga will help you reconnect, recenter, and breath anytime in your home.

Join our 1-hour Gentle (Hatha) Yoga Classes: No Yoga Experience Necessary! Should have a mat (or towel). Students with Osteoporosis, low blood pressure or not comfortable with forward bending may want a chair for a prop. Hatha Yoga emphasizes attention to the breath and the synchronization of movement and breath. In this practice, standing postures are performed to improve focus and balance. The spine is strengthened and lengthened in gentle bends and twists standing as well as on the floor. Class ends with relaxation and meditation on the mat. Variations will be given for levels of ability.  FOR ONLINE PARTICIPANTS: Yoga blocks and straps helpful but not required. A blanket and pillow are nice to have at the final Savasana (perhaps a towel or eye pillow to cover the eyes). 

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