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CoreAlign Exercises

CoreAlign Exercises

At Move Studios, we love working with Balanced Body’s CoreAlign® system. CoreAlign brings together core strengthening, mind-body awareness, and cardio for totally unique and effective exercises that will make you feel amazing. Our CoreAlign classes are more than a physical challenge, they are neurological workouts as the brain and body assimilate a plethora of input. The result of taking our CoreAlign classes is a strong, flexible organized body that feels great. We can help you with injuries, and make sure you are doing all the proper movements so your body improves with every class. Interested in our Denver CoreAlign Classes? Contact us today to find out how you can join us. We do offer ntro sessions for only $50 for new clients. To signup, visit our Schedule page, select a private with Megan or Lindsey, and use promo code CANew at checkout. To give you an idea of how our CoreAlign classes work, view any of our CoreAlign exercise videos below that demonstrate some of the movements we teach. In class our instructors will guide you and correct any improper movements so that you are maximizing the benefits of every CoreAlign exercise. CoreAlign Exercise – Flower Power:

CoreAlign Exercise – Lunge Twist Pull:

CoreAlign Exercise – Hoof Pull:

Want to see more CoreAlign exercises? View all of our CoreAlign exercise videos »

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