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Balanced Body Accessories: Tweener Bar Flower Power Exercise

Our Denver Pilates studio offers various classes and workshops for Pilates, RedCord, and Laban/Bartenieff-based movement, and we also offer CoreAlign® classes. In this exercise video above we demonstrate the Flower Power CoreAlign Exercise using our Tweener™ Bar Plus, which helps create a better fit for people of all heights who are using Body Balance's CoreAlign® system. As instructors, we often have clients for whom the CoreAlign® ladder rungs are not quite at the right height, and until now they've had to settle for a bar as much as 4 inches above or below their shoulder height. This height difference affects their ability to make an optimal connection to both the ladder and their core when using the ladder for upright and forward-leaning exercises. So we invented the Tweener™ Bar to help create the perfect fit! We have created numerous CoreAlign® exercise videos that show various movements that can be done using our Tweener™ Bars to create the perfect height bar for anyone. View all of our Balanced Body’s CoreAlign® instructional videos that work with our Tweener Bars, click here.

What is CoreAlign?

CoreAlign brings together core organization and functional movement like nothing else in the rehab or fitness worlds... developed by physical therapist Jonathan Hoffman, the CoreAlign system allows people to practice constant balance of stability and mobility throughout the body in a dynamic environment. From a patterning and movement therapy perspective, the equipment requires integration of all 6 developmental patterns, improving total body connectivity with every exercise. In our CoreAlign classes, we found a gap in the heights of the ladder rungs on CoreAlign that made it difficult for many students to make the right connection with the system, so we designed our new Tweener Bars to accommodate people of all heights. Now they can have the perfect connection to the ladder for the most effective exercises.

Move Studios owner, Lindsey Hanahan, is a Balanced Body Master Instructor, having taken Balanced Body Faculty training with the gifted Nora St. John. She received her CoreAlign instructor training locally from Carrie Lamb, DPT and Balanced Body Master Instructor for CoreAlign, and continues her studies regularly.

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