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PFilates: Pelvic Floor Plyometrics Training Workshop

Functional PFilates: Pelvic Floor Plyometric Training Workshop 

$150 PFilates Regular 8-week session
$160 PFilates PLUS (includes Gertie ball)
$120 PFilates Repeat Participant

Help with incontinence, chronic back pain or hip pain

Do you have chronic back pain that remains unresolved even after traditional core strengthening? You are likely suffering from a weak pelvic floor. “Pelvic Floor Dysfunction is a FITNESS issue!!” is the mantra of Dr. Bruce Crawford, a urogynecologist who created PFilates training after extensive research into the most effective exercises for activating and strengthening the pelvic floor. In this 8-week session, participants will follow a 3-Phase program focused on bringing their pelvic floor muscles back “online,” with the goal of increasing pelvic floor strength and function to support a strong core and improved continence.

  • Chronic Back Pain: Do you have unresolved back pain despite many therapeutic efforts?

  • Women: Do you suffer from post-natal or other incontinence issues?

  • Men: Have you had bladder problems or back pain following prostate issues or surgery?

Note: The first class is 2 hours, and subsequent 7 classes will be 60 minutes each.

Next PFilates Sessions start: 

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Daytime Session: 11:00am (first session 10:00am-12:00pm)

Evening Session: 6:30pm (first session 6:30pm-8:30pm)

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