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The MOVE Difference: Pain-Free Fitness

Improve your movement and decrease your pain!

So you’re a fitness junkie, but you’re in pain all the time.  Do you just say “well, that’s part of getting older”, or “it’s an old (fill in the sport) issue”, or “yeah, I have back pain, but doesn’t everyone?”

What if you could continue to pursue your fitness goals but reduce or even ELIMINATE your pain issues?  At MOVE Studios, we don’t just give you a good workout: We give you a MOVEMENT EDUCATION.  We don’t just throw you on a Reformer and put you through your paces – we actually TEACH you how to correctly execute the  Pilates repertoire as well as functional daily activities using the body’s own organizational efficiency to improve how you sit, stand, walk, run, climb, hike, hit a tennis or golf ball, or pick up your grandkids. 

When you learn how to MOVE it can change your life.  For many of our clients, it feels like physically aging backwards.  If you want to discover the MOVE difference, take advantage of our 30 minute screening and a free class and get a taste of how changing your approach to fitness can change your life!

Take the Pain out of your Fitness Routine @ MOVE!
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MOVE Studios is a life changer! They changed my bad posture and movement habits that I had developed over the course of my life, and now I move without pain! -Dan S

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