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Denver Pilates Online: Pelvic Floor Fitness

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

At this time when we're all hunkering down it's more important than ever to KEEP MOVING. At MOVE Studios, we're doing that by offering LIVE, REAL-TIME Online classes you can take from anywhere in the country. That's because our exceptional staff, each with over 10 years of experience, are here to TEACH you (even remotely) and not just throw a video out there for you to do on your own. However, our current pandemic prompts us to share the video below because, while it's meant to accompany our 8-week Functional Pfilates Pelvic Floor workshop (next class starts Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2020), it's still a pretty safe, short, and challenging at-home workout. And hey, if you move for 20 minutes a day following our little video, there's no down side!! The actual class will be taught virtually starting March 31, and again starting September 15 (hopefully we'll be able do do both in-person and online in the fall!), but for now, please use this as a little motivation to get up and get your pelvic floor - and the rest of you - moving on a regular basis.

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