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Functional Pfilates
A fitness-oriented approach to resolving Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Help with incontinence, chronic back pain or hip pain
Attend In-Person or Online!

Do you have chronic back pain that remains unresolved even after traditional core strengthening? You may be suffering from a weak pelvic floor. “Pelvic Floor Dysfunction is a FITNESS issue!!” is the mantra of Dr. Bruce Crawford, a urogynecologist who created Pfilates training after extensive research into the most effective exercises for activating and strengthening the pelvic floor. In this 8-week session, participants will follow a 3-Phase program focused on bringing their pelvic floor muscles back “online,” with the goal of increasing pelvic floor strength and function to support a strong core and improved continence.

  • Chronic Back Pain: Do you have unresolved back pain despite many therapeutic efforts?

  • Incontinence: Do you experience leakage issues following childbirth, prostate surgery, or during exercise?

  • Women: Do you suffer from post-natal or other incontinence issues?

  • Men: Have you had bladder problems or back pain following prostate issues or surgery?


  • January 18, 2022

  • April 5, 2022

  • September 20, 2022

Classes offered at 11:00am MST or 6:00pm MST every session 

Note: The first class is 120 minutes, and subsequent 7 classes will be 60 minutes each.


$150 Pfilates Regular 8-week session

$160 Pfilates PLUS (includes Gertie ball)

$120 Pfilates Repeat Participant

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