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MOTR Training at MOVE, October 6-8, 2017

Thinking about taking MOTR?  Here's what others have said about the course:

"Lindsey's teaching skills were superb and thorough. She took the time to give great feedback on our teaching practice times."

"...her wealth of knowledge in both the movement and anatomical realms was incredible...very valuable insights and information that is something that you gain from years in practice. Loved it."

If you haven't experienced the MOTR you are missing both a good time, and a great tool for training your clients/patients.  The equipment is small, light and easy to both store and use.


The movement possibilities are endless - from supine, mild instability work up to highly complex, multi-resistance balance challenges.  It's a great addition to a physical therapy office, a personal training environment, or a Pilates studio.

Dates: October 6-8
Friday 3-7pm; Saturday 11am-5:30pm; Sunday  9am-3:30pm

This is a Balanced Body training program, complete with terrific manuals and videos to help you learn both in class and afterward.

Sign up now at the Balanced Body Education Finder.

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