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What Are You Seeing?
Using Functional Assessment to Analyze Faulty Movement Patterns

Join Lise Stolze for this 3-hour workshop focused on breaking down selected tests from the Polestar Functional Movement Outcome Measure (FMOM) and using critical thinking to analyze movement patterns. (Familiarity with the FMOM is not required.)   Please bring your keen eye and enthusiasm to learn.


This workshop is open to all teachers of movement who want to develop more clarity around their ability to analyze their patients/clients.


Students will

  • Become more effective in assessing movement.  

  • Distinguish between structural restrictions and habitual compensatory patterns

  • Understand how to address BOTH for improved outcomes   


Saturday, April 22 from 1-4pm  

Cost: $99

You can sign up on the MOVE Studios website under Schedule/Online Store - look for Seeing Wkshp, or go to the April 22 class schedule and sign up. Contact the studio for further assistance at 303-999-0405.

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