MOVE Studios offers ongoing Pilates Mat and Reformer classes, MOTR classes and Body Connectivity classes.  If you are new to Pilates we offer introductory specials (see below). Questions about classes? Please call us at 303-999-0405 or send an email and let us know. 

INTRO OFFER: CoreAlign 4-Week Introductory Course

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This is a 4-week introductory course to prepare students for ongoing CoreAlign classes. Because of the unique and complex movement performed on the CoreAlign no other previous training can prepare you for working safely and successfully on this apparatus.  To sign up you must purchase an Intro package online and sign up for 4 classes or contact the studio directly via email or phone for assistance.

SPECIAL INTRO OFFER: Pilates JUMP START Private Intro Package

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Brand new to Pilates and want to get off to a good start?  You can't beat this package with MOVE:  3 private sessions to learn your basic principles and get oriented one-on-one with a seasoned instructor, and a 5-pack of classes to jump in all the way.  (This is a savings of $105)


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Never been on a Pilates Reformer?  A little nervous about it?  Why come alone?  Get started with this amazing deal from MOVE:  You and a friend each buy a 6-pack of Reformer classes at the great rate of $100 and get a FREE 1-hour semi-private intro to the Reformer scheduled at your convenience.  That’s right: “6-pack and Bud” has a whole new meaning here! (This is a savings of $135)

MOVE Basic: Beginner Reformer

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This class is intended for anyone interested in Pilates who is just starting out.  There is no prerequisite: you can be a complete beginner.  We are here to teach you all the basics and ensure that you will safely progress through the Pilates repertoire with a solid foundation in movement fundamentals and Pilates Principles.  While classes are geared for beginners, they are still challenging to any level of Pilates enthusiast who wants to strengthen their basic skills and get a good, foundation-based workout.

Classes are Tuesdays & Fridays at 10am

CoreAlign 1

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Ongoing CoreAlign class for students at the beginning level who have completed the 4-class intro, or who have completed basic CoreAlign training in private sessions.

4-week (semi-private) $120

Single (semi-private) $40

Mat and Movement Class

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Whole Body Conditioning

Joseph Pilates created his Contrology work – which we now call Mat Pilates – as a way to tone and condition the whole body. Our unique Mat class combines the Pilates repertoire with body connectivity work, helping you to find all the body organization you need from within.

Pilates Reformer Class

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Re-educating the body with springs, strings and resistance

One of the 22 pieces of equipment designed by Joseph Pilates, the springs and ropes on the Reformer provide resistance to help re-educate and reorganize the body while moving.

Pilates Circuit Class

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This class is NOT FOR BEGINNERS. Attendees must have prior experience on multiple Pilates apparatus to participate in this class.

This class is an opportunity to explore all of the various apparatus in the Pilates repertoire. After reviewing the circuit set-up, students will progress in set intervals of 60-90 seconds between all of the stations in the circuit without stopping for the duration of the class. A fun and challenging workout for all Pilates aficionados!

MOTR Class

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Dynamic and fun workout

Balance, agility, strength and brain challenges – the MOTR will give you an ever-changing and always fun workout!!

Note: See videos here

Body Connectivity Class

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Learn about Laban/Bartenieff movement

This is a monthly Laban/Bartenieff-based movement class open to anyone interested in becoming more embodied. Over the course of the year, participants will gain a basic understanding of all aspects of Laban and Bartenieff studies, and improve both their own body connectivity and their ability to see/analyze the movement of others.

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